Please join Studio AND at the opening of PARADISE at Proteus Gowanus this Friday, "examing the light and the dark sides of this alluring word as we roam with irony, sensuality and longing in search of paradise." For this exhibition the Department of Mineral Science will be presenting an all new Urban Meteorite Field Kit

Proteus is also home to the Reanimation Library, Morbid Anatomy, Study Hall and the Fixers Collective - many interesting projects.


From the Press Release:

Friday, September 10, 6:30-8:30 pm
Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Music with the heavenly DJ, Friese Undine;
Light refreshments will be serve

Whether conceived as the birthplace of innocence or a final destination that only the chosen few can enter, the concept of paradise has entranced us across cultures and eras. For some it is the stillness of absolute peace, for others a zone of sensual delight with fountains, fruit, naked virgins, kindly animals and melodious music. As spiritual ascent or sensual escape, Paradise calls to us and we respond with our imaginations. From the hanging gardens of Nebuchadnezzar to the gardens in our own backyards, we seek to create accessible approximations of an unattainable realm of tranquility. Jorge Luis Borges, explorer of imaginary worlds, said, “I have always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.” For less cerebral seekers, the tropics abound with sun-drenched resorts, open to anyone with a bank account; and amusement parks across the globe offer countless varieties of ecstatic experience. Whether commercially, spiritually or artistically derived, all paradises thrive by providing stark contrast to the daily grind. Pliny the Great added to his idyllic description of the Islands of the Gods (also known as the Fortunate Isles): "These islands, however, are greatly annoyed by the putrefying bodies of monsters, which are constantly thrown up by the sea." And this is, indeed, the secret of paradise: for every heaven, there must be a hell.

This year, Proteus Gowanus explores the theme of Paradise, examining the light and the dark sides of this alluring word and inviting our friends and visitors to join us as we roam with irony, sensuality and longing in search of paradise.

The first Paradise Exhibit opens Friday, September 10 with a reception from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Refreshments will be served. Paradisiacal music provided by our Heavenly DJ, Friese Undine.

Paradise Participants:
Angelo Bellfatto, Diane Bertolo, Svetlana Boym, Dominique Cooper, Ernst Haeckel, John Hudak, Okay Karadiyalar, KS Lack, Eva Melas, Lado Pochkhua, Lance Rutledge, Adine Sagalyn, Erik Schurink, Suzan Shutan, Suzanne Silver, Joshua Stern, Robert The, Friese Undine, Studio AND (Audra Wolowiec and Niels Cosman).