Studio AND @ The School of the Future
Studio AND at The School of the Future

Studio AND would like to invite you to take part in our workshop at School of the Future, an experimental FREE summer school created by Cassie Thornton and Christopher Kennedy. For more information about the program and for a complete list of classes, please visit the site at:


Studio AND presents:

Urban Geological Study
Saturday July 17th from 12noon - 1pm
Sgt. Dougherty Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


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Course Objective:

To learn how to identify, classify, and tell the story of objects found in the local urban environment and to understand our connections with our surroundings through natural materials and the objects we create.

Workshop Overview:

In Part 1 of the class we will discuss materials found in the urban environment and systems of classification used to describe them, including historical naming of natural systems from locations to planets to man-made objects.

Part 2 will be a hands-on exploration: gathering found materials, mapping, and creating new naming systems based on historical fact or future fiction.

An informational handout, worksheet and survey materials will be provided. All ages are welcome. To sign up for a class, please email schoolofthefuture2010@gmail.com to RSVP.